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Fryer Mathematics Competition

Fryer Mathematics Competition
Focus: Math and Science
Opportunity Type: Competition
Location: Schools across Canada
Student Grade: 8, 9
Available to students from: All Provinces/Territories
Time of year: Spring
Prerequisites: Recommended by teacher, or the top 25% of students in the school.
Cost: $7
Application Deadline: May 27th, 2008

This math contest is 75 minutes in length, consisting of four problems ranging from easy to difficult. The four problems also require a full written solution. The contest is marked out of a total of 40.

Every student who writes the Fryer, Galois or Hypatia Contest will receive a Certificate of Participation.
The top 25% of the competitors in each of the three Contests are divided into three categories: Gold
Standard, Silver Standard and Bronze Standard, in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3, and receive Gold, Silver and Bronze
Certificates accordingly.

The Contest Committee ensures that most of the problems require only concepts found in the curriculum
common to all provinces. Rather than testing content, the problems test logical thinking and mathematical
problem solving.

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