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Canadian Computing Competition

Canadian Computing Competition
Focus: Math and Science
Opportunity Type: Competition
Location: Canada, Hong Kong, and Beijing
Student Grade: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Available to students from: All Provinces/Territories
Time of year: Spring
Prerequisites: N/A
Cost: About $7 per student
Application Deadline: N/A

The CCC is a programming contest organized by University of Waterloo. Its problems are largely mathematical, and it requires logical thinking skills. It has two divisions, each with two stages. The senior division covers topics like string manipulation, recursion, optimization, simulation, geometry, enumeration, sorting, searching, graph search, and dynamic programming. The junior division covers topics like selection, repetition, arrays, recursion, data structures, and string manipulation. Stage 1 is a preliminary stage, and is open to everyone. You are allowed to use almost any programming language supported by your school for this stage. Stage 2 is invitational-only (i.e. if you do well in Stage 1). You are only allowed C, C++, Pascal, and Java for this stage.

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