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Why Take Summer School?

26-08-2008 by Cindy He

Why Take Summer School?

Summer school is a month-long summer program organized by a local school board. High school students attend summer school either to take a course for credit or to preview a new course. These days, more students are learning to benefit from summer school. Here are some reasons you might consider such an option:

1. You failed a course.

This is the original purpose of summer school, a second opportunity for students who failed courses during the school year. If you failed an important course, please take summer school. It could potentially determine whether or not you graduate.

2. You want to challenge yourself with more advanced courses.

Besides retaking a course, this is the main reason students attend summer school. For example, by taking Chemistry 11 during the summer, you could take Chemistry 12 during your Grade 11 year. Upon reaching Grade 12, you might move on to AP Chemistry. In my experience, summer school has been easier than regular school, and this might influence your decision on whether to take more difficult courses during the summer.

3. Summer school is easier.

This may or may not be true, as it depends upon your teachers and the courses you take. However, if you take science or social studies, some of the material may be condensed for the month of your program. As a result, some students have found that there is less work involved.

4. You dislike a teacher at your school.

If you dislike a teacher yet are interested in a particular course, then summer school may be a fine alternative. Unfortunately, you may not get the teacher you want during summer school either.

5. You have too much free time.

If you are bored during the summer and have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, then take summer school.

While there are other reasons that people go to summer school, these five are the most typical.

I wish you the best of luck in your studies and future endeavours.

CINDY HE is entering Grade 12 at Magee Secondary School in Vancouver, BC. Two years ago, her family immigrated to Canada from China. She went through ESL and is now a regular student. Cindy enjoys many school clubs. Outside school, she enjoys playing Erhu, a traditional Chinese musical instrument. This summer, she attended Shad Valley at the University of Waterloo.

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