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Opportunities in the Green Economy: A Dialogue for Youth

9-10-2008 by LiveSmart BC

Opportunities in the Green Economy: A Dialogue for Youth

November 6, 2008 - British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby Campus:

At the first Climate Action Youth Dialogue held with youth aged 15-29 from all across the province in April 2008, you had so many good ideas about how youth can help the Province meet our 2020 targets for climate action. To continue the Dialogue and generate more ideas, we are dedicating another day to get more input and ideas. Youth aged 18-29 are invited to join a full-day Open Space session focused on the question: how can young people build and benefit from the opportunities of the green economy?

Attendees will be able to set the agenda and organize the proceedings for the day. The event is designed to make it easy to learn and share. You will learn about how action on climate change can lead to green jobs in the emerging green industries, such as renewable energy, alternative fuel vehicles and green buildings. We want you to share your ideas about how the Province and British Columbia’s young people can work together to create tomorrow’s green jobs.

If opportunities in the green economy are something that you’re interested and passionate about, come and spend a day brainstorming and discussing the issues and ideas with other youth.

To obtain a spot at the event, please email by Oct. 10, 2008. Space is limited. Spots will be allocated by lottery on a regional basis. A confirmation email will be sent by Oct. 14, 2008. Travel and accommodation costs for confirmed participants will be covered. Refreshments will be served throughout the day. Further information can be found on our website at Livesmart BC.