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Make good money

27-04-2009 by David Wen

Make good money

Don’t worry – you can still keep all your organs for this to happen. And no, we’re not talking about returning Fluffy to its rightful owner either. We’re talking about the new and emerging world of social entrepreneurship.

This is a brave new horizon, actively backed by the likes of Bill Gates and pushed forth by the likes of Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2006. It is, in simple terms, seeing a social need (clean water, medication, education, etc.) and making a business that helps feed that social need while still a sustainable – and profitable – money-making machine.

There are many examples out there of people who have built businesses on the basis of social good. For instance – check out BetterWorldBooks and how they’ve built social change “into their DNA”. Here’s a company that collects and sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide. They also collect second-hand books. At the time of writing, they have raised roughly $4.7 million for global literacy and diverted 13.4 million books from landfills – all the while being a fully for-profit company.

I know what you’re thinking (metaphorically).

“What can I do?” And to be honest, I was in the same shoes too after reading about all these stories. I kept asking that question of “what can I do… what can I do… what can I do…”. I asked it so much that I began to realize everyone else was probably asking a similar question!

Hence the birth of Sola Caritas – your online social profile. It creates a publically searchable profile of all the philanthropic things people have done in their lives, whether it’s singing to entertain the elderly or building a house in Ecuador. Did you know that employers and admissions officers at schools are increasingly Googling their applicants’ names? Not only that, a Kaplan survey found that 34-38% of the Googled individuals gave them a negative impact after seeing the results that came up. Help better your online image by using Sola Caritas.

To further that notion of “what can I do”, if your profile is looking a bit thin, we have also created a huge database of all our partner charities (such as the Right to Play, Street Kids International, and the Children’s Wish foundation) so that you can easily search for volunteering opportunities – whether out of interest or to complete your required community hours for graduation.

Wish me luck :)

Better yet, try it yourself! I don’t mean my website (although I’d love you if you did)… I mean starting a business! Sounds odd – but you might win the Nobel Peace Prize. Just ask Mr. Yunus.

David Wen –